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Moisturizing facial cream and especially suitable for combination or oily skin, made exclusively with organic jojoba oil  (65%), hammamelis water (25%) and beeswax (10%) and a touch of orange blossom. The highest concentration of jojoba in a cream!

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INCI: simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, hammamelis water*, cera alba*, citrus aurantium oil.

Volume: 50 ml

Properties of Organic Jojoba Oil:

Regulates the lipid layer of the skin if clog pores. Ideal for oily skin.

It nourishes the skin retaining moisture, preventing its evaporation from the most superficial layers.
Rich in vitamin E in ceramides allows to prevent premature aging of the skin.
If you want more information about jojoba oil visit our blog where we have published a very interesting article:
In addition, as you can see in the composition, we use an excellent facial tonic, hammamelis water, from the distillation of the Hammamelis virginiana plant, with a high concentration of astringent tannins that regulate skin fat.
And as always, we use organic virgin beeswax, excellent emollient and support for moisturizers, beeswax provides a protective action for non-occlusive skin, provides consistency to emulsions.

How to use:

Daily application morning and night. If you combine with another moisturizer or because of your skin type you only need a dosage we recommend nighttime application.

Being a highly concentrated oily cream, the correct dosage is the amount achieved by touching the tip of the index finger without dragging the cream. Then apply gently massaging throughout the application area until completely absorbed.

The natural creams that we offer, since they do not have any type of color and aroma correctors, can vary in hue and aroma compared to a previous batch, depending on how this year's rosehip oil harvest has been, varying from an intense orange to a soft one, always retaining the same cosmetic properties.


Conservation Mode:

Store in a dry, cool place and not exposed to direct sunlight.

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Muy nutritiva

Para mi piel mixta me ha venido fantástica, noto la piel con un brillo que hacia tiempo!