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An antioxidant and aromatic soap containing all the tannins of red wine. An all over body soap with cold processed virgin olive oil as an emollient and foaming coconut oil. Accompanied by aromas of clove and cypress, make this soap the one for your daily body care!

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INCI: Olive oil, coconut oil, aqua, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, wine, syzigium aomaticum oil.

Weight:120 g.

Our soaps are made the traditional way using cold processing techniques to retain all the qualities of our base oils: virgin olive, coconut and castor. The process is carefully tended as each piece of soap is matured for several weeks in order to achieve optimum saponification conditions

Why have we chosen this formula?

Olive oil as the main ingredient, has been the most widely used ingredient in quality soap making for centuries. This oil results in a mild, moisturizing soap, used for the most sensitive skins such as baby skin. Furthermore, we add coconut oil and castor oil, which enhances the cleaning ability and produces a dense and soft foam, leaving a pleasant feel to the skin

So why do we add red wine?

The use of red wine derivatives in cosmetics has become fashionable due to polyphenols, molecules that, according to some experts, have up to 50 times more antioxidant activity than vitamin E and 30 times more than vitamin C.

The antioxidant action of polyphenols in wine is effective against free radical oxygen species (ROS), that cause both aging and other diseases that affect the body, including those that affect the cardiovascular system and certain oncological diseases. These same properties make wine a great tool in the fight against skin aging: blurs existing wrinkles and provides elasticity, youth and firmness to the skin.

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