Organic Serum Bakuchiol + Retinol 15 ml


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The perfect natural combo for an antiaging treatment: Retinol + Bakuchiol. All in a light, very soft serum to attenuate and fill in expression lines. Perfect for daily use!

1. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

2. Maintains skin elasticity

3. Stimulates skin cell renewal

Certified natural cosmetics | Cruelty-free | Made 100% in Spain in an artisan way | Free shipping from €39

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Properties of Retinol Bakuchiol

Antioxidant: inhibits lipid peroxidation and stimulates the production of antioxidant enzymes.
Inhibits collagen degradation: inactivates enzymes that break down collagen.
Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and aquoporins (water transport channels that regulate skin hydration).
It has moderate anti-inflammatory action on the arachidonic acid pathway, effective in preventing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Also interesting in the treatment of acne-prone skin, since it inhibits the enzyme that forms DHT (dihydrotestosterone, related to the increase in facial sebum and inflammation typical of acne.

Mode of Use:

Daily application morning and night. If combined with a moisturizer or due to your skin type, you only need one dosage, we recommend applying it at night.

The correct dosage is the amount achieved by pressing the applicator on the tip of the index finger. Subsequently apply giving gentle massages throughout the application area until completely absorbed.

Conservation Mode:

Store in a dry, cool place and not exposed to direct sunlight.

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Producto maravilla

He tenido la suerte de probar este sérum antes de que saliera a la venta online. Tengo la piel muy sensible y reactiva,especialmente en primavera, y andaba con cierta reticencia por mi experiencia con otros productos con retinol. Nada que ver con este sérum! Es incluso calmante.
Sus resultados son visibles y sensibles desde la primera aplicación. La piel está más jugosa, hidratada profundamente, se nota más "rellenita" en zonas con líneas de expresión. Su textura es una delicia, se absorbe muy bien y a la vez deja la piel aterciopelada y confortable, fresca. Y su un gustazo incluirlo en la rutina facial nocturna, transporta a un bosque mediterráneo.
Os animo a probarlo!