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A facial moisturizer that is particularly suitable for reducing skin blemishes and prevent wrinkles, made exclusively from organic, virgin argan oil (65%), water, witch hazel (25%) beeswax (10%) and a touch orange blossom. The highest concentration of argan in a cream!

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INCI: argania spinosa oil, hammamelis water, cera alba, citrus aurantium oil, sodium borate.

Volume: 50 ml.

The properties of argan oil.

Its special composition and high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids (> 80%), especially oleic and linoleic acids, makes it a unique oil used both in food and cosmetics. It is rich in alpha-tocopherol, an active substance with strong antioxidant activity.


Argan is used in cosmetics due to its high content of natural antioxidants that protect against free radicals, which cause skin aging, and its deep moisturising properties that prevents your skin drying. It is also used to revitalise the skin and reduces skin irritations and soothes burns. As there are no side effects, it is ideal for treating acne. In summary, argan oil (the "gold" of Morocco) has the following benefits for the skin:


It prevents skin aging due to its antioxidant qualities.

It nourishes the skin, increasing oxygenation and provides elasticity, firming the skin and preventing wrinkles.

Great moisturising and regenerating power.

Reduces skin blemishes, caused by sun exposure and aging.

Also, as you can see from the formula, it is an excellent facial toner, with witch hazel and water, derived from the distillation of the plant  Hammamelis virginiana, that has a high concentration of astringent tannins that regulate skin oil. 

As always, we use virgin beeswax, an excellent emollient and base for moisturizers. Beeswax provides a protective action for non-occlusive skin types, providing consistency to the emulsions.

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Muy buena crema

Me gusta mucho esta crema, igual que la de rosa mosqueta. Tengo 47 años y mi piel en los últimos tiempos estaba siempre seca y apagada, más sensible, incluso de vez en cuando me salían algunos granitos. Las he usado las dos y ambas son estupendas, hidratan muy bien, quizás la de rosa mosqueta algo más untuosa, la uso mejor por la noche. Dejan la piel muy confortable y no salen granitos. Su olor también me gusta mucho.