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A set to take care of your body and hair with all the properties of Jojoba oil!

Pure jojoba oil for hair.
Argan intensive moisturizing cream for facial care.
Jojoba mint and thyme hair soap
Argan facial fluid, for daytime hydration.
Eyebrow serum, nourishes and regenerates.

Organic cosmetics certified by COSMOS ORGANIC | Cruelty-free | Made 100% in Spain in an artisan way | Shopment worlwide

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This set is made up of the following organic and natural cosmetics:

1. Jojoba Moisturizing Face Cream 50 ml
Moisturizing facial cream especially indicated for combination or oily skin, made exclusively with organic virgin jojoba oil (65%), witch hazel (25%) and beeswax (10%) and a touch of orange blossom. The highest concentration of jojoba in a cream!

2. Jojoba Moisturizing Facial Fluid 30 ml
Moisturizing jojoba cream in an airless container, a convenient format that prevents contact of the content with the air, allowing us not to use additional preservatives. Made with jojoba oil, rich in natural antioxidants, ideal for oily skin due to its regulating effect.

3. Pure Jojoba Oil 30 ml
Rich in vitamin E and an antioxidant, its chemical structure makes it more like a wax than an oil. Providing a silky texture that melts into the skin instantly.

anti age
4. Jojoba, Mint and Thyme hair soap 135 ml
Dry hair? Jojoba with mint and thyme. Moisturizes, refreshes and revitalizes. These 3 components together with our olive and coconut oil formula give new life to your dry hair, and don't worry, you can use it daily and wake up every day with these fresh and revitalizing scents!

5. Jojoba and Calofilo eyebrow serum 15 ml
Nourishing and regenerating eyebrow serum based on Calofilo, argan and jojoba extracts.

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