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Sensitive, irritated skin? ... try our rosehip facial soap with camomile to soothe and regenerate the skin. Made with our cold olive and coconut formula, we have added virgin rosehip oil and chamomile flower for their highly soothing and regenerating qualities.

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INCI: Olive oil, aqua, coconun oil, castor oil, sodium hidroxide, rosa moschata oil, matricaria chamomilla flower, malaleuca alternifolia oil.

Weight: 135 g

Our soaps are made the traditional way using cold processing techniques to retain all the qualities of our base oils: virgin olive, coconut and castor. The process is carefully tended as each piece of soap is matured for several weeks in order to achieve optimum saponification conditions.

Why have we chosen this formula?

Olive oil as the main ingredient, has been the most widely used iingredient in quality soap making for centuries. This oil results in a mild, moisturizing soap, used for the most sensitive skins such as baby skin. Furthermore, we add coconut oil and castor oil, which enhances the cleaning ability and produces a dense and soft foam, leaving a pleasant feel to the skin.

 Did you know that rosehip oil?

     Regenerates and nourishes the skin, eliminating shallow wrinkles and reduces scars or marks from varios causes;


     Redistributes pigmentation, enabling the removal of stains;


     Performs preventive and corrective photoaging and skin problems due to overexposure to solar radiation by self-generation of melanin.


     In addition to its effects on the outer layers of the skin, it also revitalizes the cells of the inner layers, reinvigorating the fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen and elastin, responsible for firmness and elasticity).

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Repetiré sin duda

Uno de tantos productos que he probado ya de ajedrea y como todos me parece muy buen producto. Deja la piel suave, quita los granitos y deja la piel hidratada. Lo he utilizado incluso para el cuerpo y es muy hidratante. Desde que descubrí los productos de ajedrea, no he vuelto a comprar productos químicos ni lo haré jamás.



    Hola llegué a ésta página por casualidad y estoy muy contenta. Tengo la piel sensible y varias alergias, que me dan picor a todo el cuerpo. Llevo 1 mes utilizándolo por la mañana y noche. Con éste jabón noto la cara limpia y sin picores no cómo tenía antes. Ahora quiero probar el jabón de cabello y corporal. Tengo la piel sensible/atópica, ¿que me aconsejas que pruebe?