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In our online advanced soapmaking course, you can learn in the comfort of your home, all the techniques you nees to make your own soaps from readily available ingredients. Liquids, solids, decoration, oil blends, body soaps, for the hair ...


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The aim of our online soap making course is that you will easily learn, from your home, and monitored by a personal tutor, the different saponification techniques to self-sufficiently when you can make your own soap, whether processed, cold-natural glycerin, liquid, knowing the basis of the different techniques and different ingredients you can use, whether vegetable oils, essential oils, plants or minerals. Convert the art of soap making into your hobby!

The course includes 24 hour access to our educational platform and unlimited personalized tutoring for 2 months for only € 39.95. Once enrolled, we will provide the key code to access the Virtual Classroom, where you will find the entire syllabus, and practical proposals that can be performed according to your schedule available.


Enrol on this page directly by buying the course and within 24 hours we will send your passwords and user name to the Virtual Classroom.

If you'd like more information, contact us via the contact form or call us on 615 677 520 and we will resolve any doubts you have.


Topic 1: What is soap? Definition of soap. Historical evolution. Types ofsoap. How does soap clean?

Topic 2: Introduction to the chemistry of the soap saponification process. Basic ingredients. Tools. Soap making processes. Security. Practice: Making basic soap via the cold process.

Topic 3: Chemistry of soapmaking oils. Saponification.  Calculating mixtures. Temperature. Water. Practice: Development of soap bars with a mix of oils.

Unit 4: Chemistry I. soapmaking oils, additives and special ingredients. Main problems in soapmaking, how to detect and resolve them. Practice with different colours and coloured grained layers.

Item 5: Development of transparent soap. Process of making transparent soap. Troubleshooting. Practice: development of a transparent soap bar.

Item 6: Development of liquid soap. Process of making liquid soap. Bath and shower gels. Child and pet shampoos. Troubleshooting. Practice: developing basic liquid soap.

Item 7: Soap moulds. What is a soap mould. How do you use a soap mould? Natural additives. Practice making a bar of soap with a mould.

Item 8: Soap modeling II. Dyes. Soap moulding techniques. Troubleshooting. Practice using coloured tablets and combining techniques.


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Curso gratis elaboración e jabon

Buenas tardes, me inscrito en vuestra página y me gustaría probar el curso gratis de elaboración de jabones.

Gracias por tu confianza y enviado!

    Clase gratis

    Hola, me gustaría recibir la clase gratis de jabones. Un saludo

    Por favor envíanos un email para poderte responder con el acceso a la clase gratuita de jabones

      Curso clase gratis

      Hola me he inscrito en el curso de jabones y me gustaría hacer la clase gratis. Quedo atenta a sus comentarios

      Gracias Dominique, en breve recibirás un email con el acceso a la clase gratuita

        Curso de prueba gratis

        Hola Me gustaría recibir el curso de prueba para la elaboración de jabones (gratuito)


          Dan algún diploma?

          Buenas tardes, me gustaría saber si al finalizar el curso online dan algún tipo de certificado del curso realizado, gracias