Ajedrea create natural, handmade cosmetics. Ajedrea was founded in 2004 with the aim to rediscover and value the traditional knowledge and use of natural ingredients for body care. Such knowledge has been lost or devalued in our  industrialized society in favour of synthetic products, having a detrimental impact on our health and environmental.


We invite you to watch this TV interview that we did for TG-7. Here you can see how we work and teach you how to make a natural cream. We hope you like it!




We are committed to the use of natural raw materials that are transformed,     

via handmade techniques, to produce high quality cosmetics that respect the environment. We work in Granada, surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. This national park, rich in biodiversity, is the environment that provides our raw materials and inspires us to maintain our ideals. This is the key to our  business and helps make our products so unique.


On this basis, we have revived many traditional recipes and incorporated recent discoveries in herbal medicine, resulting in a wide range of natural cosmetics: soft and fragrant soaps, 100% natural creams with a high proportion of active ingredients, massage oils that rapidly absorb with pure essential oils. Ajedrea is also a space for creating new fragrances based on nature: our exclusive natural perfumes.

The quality of our craftsmanship process is our priority, being authorized by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products manufacturers, controlling all aspects of production: from the origin of the raw material to tracking the product to the client. INNOGRAL have external laboratories that oversees the production of our quality control system.

We take pride in paying careful attention throughout the production process, right to the very last detail. We are guided by our philosophy of craftsmanship in harmony with the environment: Soaps wrapped in hand painted batik and gutta techniques, decorated ceremony or gift sets in unique, award winning hand crafted boxes and paper bags.

Finally from Ajerea, we want to share our understanding and care through our natural products, both using traditional and contemporary knowlege. To do this, we organize attended courses and online courses, where we share our knowledge with others, who for one reason or another, are interested in the world of soaps and natural cosmetics, and who want to enter it in a simple and progressive way.

We are also the first business dedicated to the preparation of soaps and perfumes to be awarded recognition within the declaration of the Government of Andalusia in the Area of Artesans in Granada.