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  • Cinnamon and Milk Facial Soap

    Cinnamon and Milk Facial Soap

    An olive oil soap enriched with shea butter and coconut for the care of dry / very dry skin. The moisturizing power of shea butter gives new vitality and elasticity to your skin and combines with a soft aroma of  natural cinnamon. Almost good enough to eat!

    5,95 €
  • Rose Hip Soap

    Rose Hip Soap

    Sensitive, irritated skin? ... try our rosehip facial soap with camomile to soothe and regenerate the skin. Made with our cold olive and coconut formula, we have added virgin rosehip oil and chamomile flower for their highly soothing and regenerating qualities.

    5,95 €
  • Green Clay Soap

    Green Clay Soap

    Olive oil and coconut soap is recommended for skin suffering from acne. The mask effect of green clay cleans and deeply degreases the skin, preventing the formation of blackheads powered by the essential oil of laurel. In short, a very nice soap begin the day with!

    5,95 €
  • Sponge Soap

    Sponge Soap

    Looking for a novel way to vary such everyday actions as the daily bath? We've devised our sponge soaps! Wrapped in a soft layer of wool, adding to the moisturizing and cleansing properties of olive oil soap, it also provides a mild peeling effect.

    8,95 €
  • Mint and Thyme Soap

    Mint and Thyme Soap

    Did you have dry hair? Try jojoba with mint and thyme. It moisturises, refreshes and revitalizes. These 3 components attached to our formula of olive oil and coconut give new life to your dry hair. Don't worry, you can use it daily and start every day with these fresh and invigorating aromas!

    5,95 €
  • Chocolate and Orange Soap

    Chocolate and Orange Soap

    Almost good enough to eat! An excellent combination to moisturise the body...olive, coconut and shea butter accompanied by an irresistible aroma of chocolate and orange! Ideal for moisturising dry skin!

    5,95 €
  • Wine and Clove Soap

    Wine and Clove Soap

    An antioxidant and aromatic soap containing all the tannins of red wine. An all over body soap with cold processed virgin olive oil as an emollient and foaming coconut oil. Accompanied by aromas of clove and cypress, make this soap the one for your daily body care!

    5,95 €
  • Oatmeal and Honey Soap

    Oatmeal and Honey Soap

    Oatmeal and honey soap with a touch of apple essence .. a tasty and nutritive soap! The milled oat flakes provide gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin, while honey provides a smooth protective coating. Perfect for daily facial care!

    5,95 €
  • Nettle and Rosemary Soap

    Nettle and Rosemary Soap

    A cold processed soap to care for your hair. It contains fresh rosemary and nettle for degreasing and to give vitality and castor oil to moisturise to your hair. 120 grams of health for your hair!

    5,95 €
  • Aloe Vera Soap

    Aloe Vera Soap

    Our olive oil and coconut based soap, with pure aloe vera and natural thermal water, creates a special soap for sensitive skin....

    5,95 €