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Our 100% natural rosehip oil cream provides a moisturising and regenerative action. It comes in our new airtight packaging. In this format you can take it with you all day and apply when you need it most! Made with certified organic rosehip.

14,95 €

Pure organically certified rosehip oil comes in our new airtight packaging that prevents oxidation and is preservative free. This product can be taken wherever you go so you cantake it when you need it most. Rosehip, one of the most potent regenerators in nature!

11,95 €

Rosehip provides regenerative care for your skin...itprevents wrinkles, stretch marks, blemishes and scars without using harmful chemicals. It is made using only virgin oil rosehip (65%), water, witch hazel (25%) and virgin beeswax (10%) and a touch of orange blossom.The maximum concentration of rosehip in a cream!

18,95 €

Tell her how much you appreciate them with this Special Set Rosehip Facial Care . A bio Rosehip oil for action in specific areas, rosehip cream for intense hydration and facial tonic rosewater . All in one and our craftsman packaging!

51,95 €

Sensitive, irritated skin? ... try our rosehip facial soap with camomile to soothe and regenerate the skin. Made with our cold olive and coconut formula, we have added virgin rosehip oil and chamomile flower for their highly soothing and regenerating qualities.

6,95 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items