mediterranean marine esponges


Mediterranean Marine Esponges

Discover the pleasure of your skin care with our marine sponges from sustainable harvesting of the eastern Mediterranean. Softness, strength and maximum hygiene when owning a antiseptic enzymes that keep simpre free of fungi and bacteria.

Different types for each type of use : Honey comb for adults , Silk Baby and Facial facial care or cosmetic applicator .

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Have you tried a marine sponge for the shower? Free of hazardous compounds from conventional sponges, our marine sponge esideal for the whole family : soft, pleasant and absorbent hypoallergenic . Maxima resitencia and quality.

9,95 €

For the most delicate skin , the babies sponge!Porcedente of the youngest , a supersoft sponge for the care of your baby individuals. Hypoallergenic , soft, absorbent and resistant. Unchlorinated .

8,95 €

Do you want a natural sponge for your skin care or cosmetic applicator? Try our facial sponges unchlorinated free of harmful compounds. Soft and resilient and in a magnificent pack of 2 units .

6,95 €

Discover our Lufa vegetable sponge. Gentle scrub that helps keep skin free of dead cells by activating our blood circulation. Quality sponge with more resistant fibers than the conventional variety. Suitable for vegans and from organic farming in Andalusia.

6,95 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items