Natural Bathroom Complements

Here you will find a selection of accessories for grooming and natural bath products . Deodorants stone -free aluminum, the Mediterranean sea sponges and natural bath bombs to enjoy in every sense of the pleasure of bodycare.

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  Try a natural deodorant without the health risks. It acts only on the surface of the skin without clogging pores! Odorless, colorless, non-staining and contains no alcohol, it prevents the growth of bacteria that create odor! Just wet the stone and gently rub into the armpits.

6,50 €

A romantic bath of roses and orange blossoms, which is relaxing for couples to enjoy, while coconut oil moisturizes the skin and bubbles fill the tub.You have to try it!

4,50 €

After a hard day, fill the tub with hot water and use one of our lavender and citrus bath bombs. We've developed these very soothing, natural scents to help the stress float away and leave you with renewed energy!

4,50 €

Do you need more energy ?  how about a bath with our combination of mint and rosemary, refreshing mint and rosemary activating .. surrounded by bubbles and coconut oil moisturizes your skin a good plan!

4,50 €

Enjoy a spectacular bubble bath with our effervescent bath salts. Processed natural oils and coconut oil are perfect for when you want to enjoy a relaxing or invigorating bath on your own or with a partner...with essence of orange blossom and jasmine.

4,50 €

Have you tried a marine sponge for the shower?Free of hazardous compounds from conventional sponges, our marine sponge esideal for the whole family : soft, pleasant and absorbent hypoallergenic . Maxima resitencia and quality.

9,95 €

For the most delicate skin , the babies sponge!Porcedente of the youngest , a supersoft sponge for the care of your baby individuals. Hypoallergenic , soft, absorbent and resistant. Unchlorinated .

8,95 €

Do you want a natural sponge for your skin care or cosmetic applicator?Try our facial sponges unchlorinated free of harmful compounds. Soft and resilient and in a magnificent pack of 2 units .

6,95 €

Do you want to remove calluses naturally feet ?Try the authentic pumice stone , which used on wet skin removes excess dead skin proporcianandote a pleasant softness to the skin.

6,00 €
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items