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  • Aloe Vera Body Cream 100 ml

    Aloe Vera Body Cream 100 ml

    Our almond oil and aloe vera body cream is especially recommended for skin that needs maximum hydration. After a shower, at work, at the pool .. there are times it is necessary to hydrate our skin. There's nothing better than the combination of sweet almond oil and 100% natural aloe vera.

    12,95 €
  • Argan and Almond Body Cream 100ml

    Argan and Almond Body Cream 100ml

    Our organic argan oil and sweet almond oil compliment each other in order to moisturise your skin, preventing premature skin aging.    It comes in our airtight container, which prevents the oxidation of natural oils. We offer you a great moisturiser free from artificial preservatives!

    12,95 €
  • Organic Argan Oil 30 ml

    Organic Argan Oil 30 ml

    Our pure argan oil is certified as being from the first cold press. Its high content of natural antioxidants protects the skin from free radicals which cause skin aging, and its high moisturisng qualites prevents desiccation and promotes the revitalization of the skin, hair and nails. All in all, making Argan an ideal natural anti-aging product.

    11,95 €
  • Organic Rose Hip Oil

    Organic Rose Hip Oil

    Pure organically certified rosehip oil comes in our new airtight packaging that prevents oxidation and is preservative free. This product can be taken wherever you go so you cantake it when you need it most. Rosehip, one of the most potent regenerators in nature!

    11,95 €
  • Organic Body Sunscreen

    Organic Body Sunscreen

    Effectively protects your skin without using chemical sunscreens or nanoparticles with our organic sunscreen with coconut and almond oil and zinc oxide for an effective UVA UVB protection.

    24,95 €