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  • Alum Stone Deodorant Stick

    Alum Stone Deodorant Stick

      Try a natural deodorant without the health risks. It acts only on the surface of the skin without clogging pores! Odorless, colorless, non-staining and contains no alcohol, it prevents the growth of bacteria that create odor! Just wet the stone and gently rub into the armpits.

    6,50 €
  • Argan oil Cream 50 ml

    Argan oil Cream 50 ml

    A facial moisturizer that is particularly suitable for reducing skin blemishes and prevent wrinkles, made exclusively from organic, virgin argan oil (65%), water, witch hazel (25%) beeswax (10%) and a touch orange blossom. The highest concentration of argan in a cream!

    18,95 €
  • Rose Hip Cream 50 ml

    Rose Hip Cream 50 ml

    Rosehip provides regenerative care for your skin...itprevents wrinkles, stretch marks, blemishes and scars without using harmful chemicals. It is made using only virgin oil rosehip (65%), water, witch hazel (25%) and virgin beeswax (10%) and a touch of...

    18,95 €
  • Albayzin


    Albayzin is a cologne inspired by the historic quarter of Granada of the same name. Benefiting from a rich mix of cultures throughout it's history, we have emcompassed the legacy of the “Carmenes” (enclosed mansion houses) and their gardens filled with jasmine and orange blossom flower, giving it a particular aroma. This floral colgne is completely...

    18,95 €
  • Sponge Soap

    Sponge Soap

    Looking for a novel way to vary such everyday actions as the daily bath? We've devised our sponge soaps! Wrapped in a soft layer of wool, adding to the moisturizing and cleansing properties of olive oil soap, it also provides a mild peeling effect.

    8,95 €
  • Wine and Clove Soap

    Wine and Clove Soap

    An antioxidant and aromatic soap containing all the tannins of red wine. An all over body soap with cold processed virgin olive oil as an emollient and foaming coconut oil. Accompanied by aromas of clove and cypress, make this soap the one for your daily body care!

    5,95 €
  • Natural Marine Esponge

    Natural Marine Esponge

    Have you tried a marine sponge for the shower?

    9,95 €
  • Natural Esponge for Babies

    Natural Esponge for Babies

    For the most delicate skin , the babies sponge!Porcedente of the youngest , a supersoft sponge for the care of your baby individuals. Hypoallergenic , soft, absorbent and resistant. Unchlorinated .

    8,95 €
  • Pack 2 Facial Esponges

    Pack 2 Facial Esponges

    Do you want a natural sponge for your skin care or cosmetic applicator?

    6,95 €
  • Pomice


    Do you want to remove calluses naturally feet ?Try the authentic pumice stone , which used on wet skin removes excess dead skin proporcianandote a pleasant softness to the skin.

    6,00 €