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  • Orange Blossom Lip Balm

    Orange Blossom Lip Balm

    Moisturise your lips with our orange blossom balms... a typical Andalusian flavour, reflecting its gardens, courtyards and streets. A floral touch that, together with sweet almond oil and bees wax, produces an excellent moisturising oil that protects your skin!

    2,50 €
  • Repairing Lip Balm

    Repairing Lip Balm

    During times of cold or dryness our lips can crack, producing small wounds. So we have created a refreshing balm based on hypericum oil (St John's Wort, an excellent healing plant) and beeswax to help you look after them! 

    2,50 €
  • Peppermint Lip Balm

    Peppermint Lip Balm

    Do you fancy a cool sensation on your lips? Peppermint oil is very refreshing. It is combined with moisturising almond oil and the protection of virgin beeswax. 

    2,50 €
  • Apple Lip Balm

    Apple Lip Balm

    A moisturising lip balm with a light, sour apple flavoru! Almost good enough to eat! You needn't suffer anymore from cracked lips as it tastes so good you will find it hard to not stop using it. Our apple  balm has an incredible aroma and combines the moisturising effect of sweet almond oil from a first cold pressing.

    2,50 €
  • Strawberry Lip Balm

    Strawberry Lip Balm

    Umm...our rich strawberry flavoured lip balm of sweet almond oil and beeswax virgin. Never have dry lips again!

    2,50 €
  • Raspberry Lip Balm

    Raspberry Lip Balm

    A special lip balm for dry lips, crafted using a base of sweet almond oil and beeswax, flavoured with raspberry. The rich taste of forest berries in your mouth!

    2,50 €
  • Sweet Orange Lip Balm

    Sweet Orange Lip Balm

    A sweet orange flavour lip balm with a base of sweet almond oil and virgin beeswax for maximum hydration!

    2,50 €
  • Lemon Lip Balm

    Lemon Lip Balm

    A refreshing citrus like lemon balm and an almond oil base to moisturise lips. A 100% natural and effective lip balm!

    2,50 €